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"Personally I want to thank Cristina for everything she did for me, only after 21 days of marathon, I lost 10kg. I discovered new recipes, delicious and most importantly healthy. Honestly at first I was a little skeptical, but towards the end I understood that enrolling in this Challenge was the best choice.After the end of this challenge, not only did I make a radical physical change, but I am much more motivated in everything I do, I no longer feel tired during the day and I feel that I can get more and more. "
Ion Cebotari
"First of all, I am shocked by the result, I lost 13 kg in just 21 days following all the instructions given by Cristina. In addition, I won the $ 1000 prize for the results. I am grateful to the NEXT ME team for all the effort and work, if anyone still hesitates to enter the marathon, you have my word, the nutrition plans, the exercises and the NEXT ME community will change your life radically, making those extra pounds just a memory. "
Andrei Munteanu