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Hi, I’m Cristina!

I’m a professional fitness trainer and nutrition coach.
I’ve loved sports my entire life and have been a dancer for 11 years, but I haven’t always been such a healthy and active person as I am today.
At one point, I realized that fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. After trying various diets, attending group classes, having gone through multiple difficulties, mistakes, and victories, I developed the “My Ideal Body” formula.


My philosophy isn’t about six-pack abs. My meal plans are filled with delicious dishes that include all the best foods and treats, but have one crucial feature — they are healthy.

It’s about loving yourself, being energetic, achieving goals, and believing in yourself.
My main priority is being a positive example and a role model. This is why I can relate to people starting their journey and help them change their everyday habits as well as their diet.

It’s up to you.
Are you ready to take the first step to a “Better You?”

What I offer

21 Day Next Me Challenge

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Challenge 21Day: $69
ONLY $69 – $129

Individual Video Workout Plan

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Individual Workout Plan: $75
ONLY $75 – $100

Individual Nutrition Plan

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Individual Nutrition Plan: $100
ONLY $100 – $149

Online Zoom Class

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Zoom Class: $89
ONLY $89 – $144
Group Program

21 Day Challenge

It takes only 21 days to see results

Looking to build healthier habits and a happier life? Want to lose weight, be more active, or build muscle? Tired and have failed many diets, have hard work schedule and not sure where to start? Those are all very real concerns, but don’t cave into your excuses.

How does the 21 Day Challenge work? Each day you have a different mini-challenge for FULL body: Abs, Upper body, Lower body, Leg Training, Cardio workouts. The goal is to get you stronger, fitter, and healthier in a month—without getting bored.

Pay Now

Challenge 21Day: $69

What’s included

This 21 Day Challenge is specialized for you
and comes with the following features.

✓ Hundreds of healthy and delicious recipes
✓ Suited for your body goals
✓ Beginner friendly
✓ Home & Gym Workouts
✓ Glute Activation Routines
✓ Core routines that set ABS ON fire
✓ Telegram group chat – where you can express your suggestions and exchange experiences

The 21 day Challenge will be your personal trainer to get your whole body toned and fit. Lose weight and like the best version of yourself.

Start training now!
Individual Program

Individual Workout Plan

Have you made a decision to start a new workout program, or still waiting to start it? Have you already started it and now have trouble keeping it up?
Our video workouts will provide you with the fitness plan that works best for you according to your goals, duration, and how often you want to exercise.
If followed correctly, you should start seeing and feeling noticeable improvements on a weekly basis.

Train better, feel better, live better!
Stay motivated!

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Individual Workout Plan: $75
Individual Program

Individual Nutrition Plan

An Individual Nutrition Plan is a personalized plan aimed at improving your eating habits.

Based on the information you provide about your lifestyle, eating habits, allergies, etc., my meal plans offer a well-balanced, high-protein and nutrient-dense approach to ensure you are optimally fuelled and not to be stressful for your body.

Ready to take your nutrition to the next level?

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Individual Nutrition Plan: $100
Included in Individual Nutrition Plan:

✓ 30 Days of nutrition-packed meals
✓ Hundreds of healthy and delicious recipes
✓ Individualized for your body goals

Lean and toned up body isn’t just a fantasy anymore.
Feel the benefits of an individual meal plan today!

We Develop a Plan that works for You

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Weekly LIVE-Stream

Zoom Class

Exercise is critical for keeping up our mental and physical health more than ever.

Zoom classes are the closest analogue of training in the gym, since the coach and the trainees have the opportunity to see each other. Through visual and verbal contact, an atmosphere of collective action is created, even if the participants are located in different parts of the world.

What you get by join me online:

✓ 3 times for 45 min. / weekly
✓ 12 classes total per Month
✓ Full body workout
✓ Abs, Upper body, Booty

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Zoom Class: $89
Weekly Times:

Monday: 8AM + 7PM
Wednesday: 8AM + 7PM
Friday: 8AM + 7PM
via email (after you pay)